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Prairie Ideas' mission is to take your communication projects and turn them into solid action.

Many times in business there is a project you’ve thought about and seriously considered. It isn’t feasible to hire a full-time employee to get the project finished. We will provide a no-fuss, solid focused effort to manage your project to completion.

Our process is simple - listen, plan, listen, and plan some more until we are sure that we will provide services you need to get the job done.


Our Project Management Service

Prairie Ideas offers a unique blend of strategic and logistical communications project management.

We begin by asking the fundamental questions of Who, What, Where, When, and Why, then working closely with your identified Subject Matter experts we create a plan, unique to your business goals.

Can we guarantee there won't be any challenges along the way? Absolutely, not. Our job is to implement a solid focused effort to recommend and resolve any challenges encountered along the way.

Projects can also take on a life of their own unless they are carefully managed. Identifying issues outside of a project's scope is essential in keeping to the plan. These ideas can also be invaluable.To ensure none of that knowledge is lost, we maintain a "reference" process to capture ideas for the future.

Upon conclusion of the project, Prairie Ideas' will provide you with an overview of successes, challenges and reference points for future consideration.

Our Issue Management Service

Prairie Ideas’ Rapid Response Program is to designed to respond to critical activities/issues that may arise.

Our goal is to provide an accurate S(trengths), W(eaknesses), O(pportunities), T(hreats) analysis, leading to an appropriate Action Plan (including the identification of appropriate internal and external communications tools).

Our Strategic Communications Service

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, e-marketing, television, print, radio and email are all communications channels. Having a solid communications plan is integral to ensuring your message gets heard right, the first time.

Our Web Management Service

Your web site is your gateway to the world, 24/7, 365 days a year but its not always easy to manage the daily demands of a business and keep your website up-to-date -- let us do that for you. We can update your look, help you market your site, or just add that extra photo or two.

Seeking a new presence on the web? We will work with you to create a site your visitors are sure to enjoy.

Our Event Management Service

Press conferences, luncheons, dinners, Grand Openings - they all take time and energy to plan and implement…time you don’t always have.

We have experience in planning and implementing all levels of events from Summit Meetings to luncheons and in between. We can help you turn your event "vision" into a solid plan of action resulting in an event all your guests will enjoy. .

Our Contact Database Service

Information is king. The key resource any business owns - is contacts.

If you are at the stage where a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system is still in the future, but you’ve outgrown that pile of business cards on your desk ? Let us help you organize and manage your business contacts

Our Business Support Service

Not enough time in the day? staff already overloaded? or just starting out and need some help getting organized, …we offer a variety of research and business support services utilizing Microsoft's Office and MAC products, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint , Pages and Numbers, to name a few.

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