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Welcome to Prairie Ideas


Who is Prairie Ideas?

Prairie Ideas is a project management company specializing in strategic communications.

What does Prairie Ideas do?

We manage communication-based projects for companies and organizations looking for a focused effort to get their projects into the real world.

And a project is...

defined by the client, based on their own unique needs. We create and implement strategic communication plans, help address critical issues, refresh and redesign websites and manage email marketing campaigns. Let us create and execute a solid plan to achieve the project results you are looking for.

When should I contact Prairie Ideas?

In today's economy, acquiring permanent staff to meet a project need is not always feasible, or even desirable. Why not consider an alternate solution? - a solid focused effort to meet your project management needs for a determined period of time.

Where does Prairie Ideas operate?

Your investment isn't spent to support overhead or administrative costs as all projects are managed through our virtual office in Western Canada.

Why did we call our company - Prairie Ideas?

Our vision is to turn your ideas into solid results.

How does Prairie Ideas manage projects?


We draw on our experience and tried and true methods to match our services with your expectations working with you to address any challenges along the way.

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Our Favorite Media
A hometown classic, visit the Winnipeg Free Press for daily news.
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Our Latest News
To blog, or not to blog, was the question we pondered over the winter months? We've opted to spend more time featuring Prairie Ideas' news on our website.
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